Amazing Attorney!

"Jared is excellent. He exceeded my expectations of what a quality attorney means. He is courteous, to the point, and truly listens to his clients. He knows what he is doing when it comes to criminal law. Mr. Stilley kept me well informed during my case and was always ready and willing to talk when I needed him. If anyone is reading this and is wondering who should take your case, it's in your best interest to let Mr. Stilley represent you. I wouldn't be where I am today without him. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Stilley and his staff." - Casey

The People's Lawyer.

"I have been a client of Jared Stilley more then once and I have nothing at all to say in a negative manner. Right from the start I felt as though he truly was representing my case in a manner that really helped me and my personal situation with the legal manner. Since then I have referred more then one of my colleagues and have all had a great time experience and I suggest you to make the choice to have the Right Representation."

- Trenton

The Jared Stilley Experience

"Jared was able to get charges knocked down, and set in a way that if I were to follow basic guidelines appointed by the court I would receive no jail time. Extremely important to me so I can continue to support my family. What I appreciate the most is how professional Jared is. Always answers questions thoroughly, and in a timely fashion if the answer isn't readily available. Always flexible with his schedule for any meetings I request. Definitely goes the extra mile to receive the best results possible. Top notch in his career field in my opinion."

- Eric

Best attorney and very dedicated to his client.

"Jared told us straight up what we were looking at. It was a 12 felony case he got it dropped to 2 felonies, and worked diligently for the surprising outcome! Well worth our money, wouldn't use any one else!" - Rick & Sharon

Professional services

"Jared provided my fiancé and I a very professional service. He kept us informed throughout this trying time. He came highly recommended by a friend of mine and I'm glad we chose to use his services. Thanks again!"

- Clint

Did an awesome job.

"He turned a possession charge into a disturbing the peace charge. I'm so happy that this was done. I've seen him on a couple other cases and has done miracles" - Kevin


"Jared was AMAZING. He helped us through the process and we ended with an great outcome. He was patient and always available to answer questions and meet with us anytime we felt we needed it. We were informed and knew what to expect throughout. I am very thankful we had him to represent us." - Melissa

Persistent, knowledgable, and loyal legal guidance at its best

"Mr. Stilley has maintained to provide not only honest and hardworking profound information to pursue a crime I had been charged with in which included false and very explicit allegations against me to make sure justice is served. Thank you very much Jared" - Blake

Great Lawyer

"I know he has been successful in many large cases, but even with my minor traffic violations (non-moving, at that), he was extremely accommodating and professional. I had to be out of state at one point, and even then he took great care of everything. My family has worked with this law firm for many years, and I was lucky enough to have Jared as my attorney." 

- Colton

One of the Best In the Area

"Mr. Stilley handles himself in a professional, respectable manner. He made us feel comfortable with the advice he gave us during our consultation concerning my daughters ex boyfriend and the ex parte and child protective order she had to get against her ex. He also referred us to his colleague who specialized in family law. Mr. Stilley is considered our family attorney because he has represented several members of our family for various legal issues. He will always be our first choice when needing legal representation." - Jody

Excellent Results, Very Helpful

"Stilley is excellent! He knows his work and he performs so well. In just a few short weeks I had everything completed and wrapped up like a nice package. Timely, friendly, kind, and valiant would be a few words to describe my experience at Stilley Law. I would highly reccommend his services to anyone without a doubt!" - Jake

Harnar Men

"Unfortunately for me, I have needed Jared for myself and 2 Boys. He not only handled our cases well, he told me me at a vulnerable time for me that he didn't think any less of boys due to the trouble they had been in! Made me respect his work and him more. He also was right both boys have matured and became good men due to his help. Thanks man!"

- Donnie